Sunsets – By Henrika


Two people in need of change happen to meet. But what happens when they realize that their instant connection stems from their childhood? This is a story about love, fate and destiny.

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Mending Dr. Steele (Book 2) by Bronze Goddess

Mending Dr. Steele

After the Edward David situation, Ana struggles to find peace, happiness, and closure in her life. Will the love of her friends, family, and a good man be enough to conquer to old demons that have resurfaced and the new demons that haunt her? This is Book II—sequel to Paging Dr. Steele. AU and (so I’ve been told) a little OOC as well.

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Paging Dr. Steele (Book 1) by Bronze Goddess

Paging Dr. Steele

Anastasia Steele has seen her fair share of heartache and disappointment, so she set out to make a difference. She encounters billionaire Christian Grey when he finds himself in need of her services, and the battle of wills begins. Will these two hotheads break each other down in the war for supremacy or will they cross that thin line between love and hate? This is in an alternate universe (and out-of-character) story based on the “Fifty Shades Of Grey” trilogy.

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Making Mia (Book 4) by Sasha Cameron

Making Mia

Mia Grey has to all appearances lived the sheltered life as beloved daughter and treasured sister. To society she is spoiled and privileged but she is harboring a secret life that her family knows nothing about and a large part of her secret is Ethan Kavanagh. This story reveals what was really going on with Mia and Ethan and why they never seemed to get it together through FSoG.

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Going Grey (Book 3) – Sasha Cameron

Going Grey

Book 3 of Kate and Elliot’s story. Christian’s dramas are only part of the story and Kate and Elliot are keeping secrets of their own. The truth has to come out and mysteries have to be solved before they can ever hope to be happy together. Kate has to learn how to have her career in a family that is intensely private. And what is the real reason why Elliot took so long to propose?

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Creating Kate (Book 2) by Sasha Cameron

Creating Kate

Book 2: Continuing the love story of Kate and Elliot. Will their love survive what happens in Barbados? What awaits them back in Seattle? Who is threatening the Greys? Kate and Elliot are hot together but all the secrets around Christian’s life threaten to pull them apart. Throw in some hot exotic burlesque action and some exotic male dancers to complete a fun and sexy romp!

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Investing Elliot (Book 1) by Sasha Cameron

 Investing Elliot

“It’s canon, Jim, but not as you know it.” This is Kate and Elliot’s love story as it unfolded alongside Christian and Ana’s. Ever wondered what happened on their first night together? What about those conversations between Kate and Christian in Portland? What went down in Barbados and how did Elliot get invited in the first place? And careful, you might end up liking Kate!



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Welcome to the Fifty Shades of Fan Fiction Hub

In 2012 a brilliant group of women fell in love with Christian Grey and started writing fan fiction in tribute to the genre.  It wasn’t too long before they joined together on facebook.  That group, now 200 strong, of readers and writers, continue to enjoy the stories.  Many of the group are professional women, many are professional writers. They come from all around the world.  Since that early start, many of the writers have launched blogs to post their stories.  This hub is a base for those enthusiastic bloggers so that fans can find them easily.  We hope you enjoy!

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